Discover Montessori
25, 5th Main, 40 th Cross
5 Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore, Karnataka 560041
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What Others Say
Most of the best moments in Ch.Dhruv's seven years of life has been in your wonderful place and as the name stands, for me as a parent there were so many unique discoveries from my son during those years in your will always be a...
- Srinivas Vamsi Priya
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About Us
Discover Montessori House of Children is exactly that – a house of children, who are happy, spirited and full of life.

We started small 11 years ago with four children, one trained adult and one ‘akka’. We have grown steadily, consciously staying small.

We completely repose our faith in Dr. Maria Montessori and follow the method developed by her in spirit and word. We are an inclusive house of children and are equipped to cater to the unique needs of every child.

Discover provides an environment where children learn by themselves and adults are merely facilitators. It is an eco-system where harmony rules and children are happy. We know happy children learn better.

Our teachers, fondly called aunties by our children, are trained Montessorians and are deeply committed to child development. We believe that our children are our greatest teachers.

For us, Discover is a piece of heaven on earth.

You are welcome to come and Discover!